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Collaborate and Grow

Blog about collaboration and building together. Have you had great experiences working together with others to build your business in some way? It’d make a great blog topic–show others how collaboration beats competition. And speaking of collaboration and parnterships, you won’t want to miss this: This...

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Resource: Free Blog Basics Course

Are you new to WordPress blogging? Just getting started, or launching a new blog? Been at it a while but want a quick review? Make it easy on yourself with my free 30 lesson blogging course. From how to choose your domain and install WordPress, to which plugins you need and how to plan your content, this ecourse...

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10 Blog Ideas in 10 Minutes or Less

Looking for ideas of what to blog about next? Here’s the “secret strategy” I’ve been using lately to come up with new ideas that will deliver value to my readers and drive search engine traffic. Answer a Question One great way to come up with post ideas that will be helpful for your readers...

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Feature Your Favorite Tools

This idea contributed by Praveen Rajarao of http://dailymorningcoffee.com What tools do you use for your blog (or business, or hobby, whatever you’re writing about)? How about a post like: “What are the WordPress Plugins that Power My Blog” Image Credit: frecuencia/sxc.hu

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Share a Step by Step How to Post

This idea contributed by Praveen Rajarao of http://dailymorningcoffee.com Write a helpful step by step post sharing how to do something, like: How To Move Over from Blogger.com to WordPress in 5 Easy Steps Image Credit: andreyutzu/sxc.hu

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Expert to the Rescue!

Host an experts panel. Invite a few colleague bloggers and ask them to answer 3 questions, same questions for each. Invite experts from similar fields or pick a general subject so that all experts can provide valuable insight. This idea contributed by Delia of eosgrafx. Photo credit: clarita from morguefile.com

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Show Off Your Skills

Write a blog post to show off & feature work that you’re proud of, include a testimonial from the client it was created for. This idea contributed by Melissa of Barham Virtual Assistance.  Image Credit: warrengoldswain/stockfresh  

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Invite a Friend Over

Need a little break from blogging?  Why not invite a friend or colleague to guest post on your blog? You may want to add an introduction to the beginning of the post and share how you met, why you love them, that kind of thing. Image Credit: kofoed, Flickr/Creative Commons

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Just for a change, instead of writing a post today, open it for your readers to suggest what they want to know about. You can include the general areas that you’d be writing about, just to make sure that you won’t get requests to write about nuclear physics when your expertise is life coaching. Ask readers...

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Translation, Please?

Ever struggled repeatedly to understand something and then it all made sense when someone else explained it to you in a different way, perhaps by drawing a picture or using different words? Why not pick a subject, difficult for others but easy for you, and make a post from it? Ask your family, friends, and co-workers...

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