Blog Niche Ideas : Top 11 Niches that Make Money

Finding a Niche for Blogging was much easier before. Finding a perfect niche is very important which will decide your future in blogging. Therefore we are here with Blog Niche Ideas 2017 on which you can start a new blog and Earn a handsome amount of money.

The reason for failure in blogging nowadays is not having a clear perception about the niche or topic on which their blog is built. Some beginners are simply mixing up all the niches in their blog and they end up failing.
Select a Blog topic and cover all the things that come under that niche.

This will give the users a reason to visit again to your blog.

So Let us Start with Blog Niche Ideas.Blog niche ideas

Blog Niche Ideas

Following are the Evergreen Blog Niche ideas that work always ! You should choose your Blog Niche wisely as it can create a lot of difference between your potential and the bucks you are earning.

Technology Blog :

It is an evergreen niche that is full of competition and opportunities.
Since there are a lot of ways by which you can create content for a technology website like you can post reviews, news, tips, tricks and much more.

It provides great CPC and you can target international traffic.

Monetizing methods : Adsense, Affiliate, Paid posts

Health and Fitness :

This is a niche which can provide you very high traffic in less time. If you have a good plan for monetizing your content, you can go for this niche.

Monetizing methods : Affiliate

Review Website:

You can review various hosting services or Electronic devices by making a review website and earn huge via Affiliate and Sponsored posts.

Monetizing methods : Affiliate, Sponsored posts, Adsense etc.

Startup :

If you are really passionate about doing a startup or becoming a CEO, then you can make a blog regarding startup.
You may share stories of successful entrepreneurs or anything you like. It is a little difficult to earn huge via this blog.

Monetizing methods : Adsense

Travel Blog :

If you love travelling , then you can share all the information about specific places on your personal travel blog. This is a popular niche nowadays

Monetizing methods : Affiliate and Adsense

Food Recipe :

This niche is suitable for females. You need to practice SEO for this.

You can earn a stable income from this niche. If you know cooking, then I would recommend you to go for this niche.

Fashion Blog :

It is a little hard to write content for this niche as you may rely on Youtube videos for this. All depends on you, If you have a plan and interest, go for it.

Carrier Guidance :

This is a niche with high demand. You can help people choosing which college to go for.

Or you may simply provide news for a Government job.

Dating :

High Demand but not that high CPC, that’s what I would like to say.

Here are some sample posts that you can create content on.

  • Dating advice articles
  • Dating tips for men
  • Tips for dating someone new
  • Dating tips for new relationships
  • Dating tips for shy guys

Education :

This is a niche where there are a lot of opportunities. Because content writers for this niche are little hard to find.

News :

If you have a team with you, you can start a news website. That maybe only technology news, social news, or all of them at one place.

Such type of blog requires high maintenance.

Blogging Niche :

This niche is becoming saturated with time. So be ready to face high competition if you go with this.

The reason for high competition is the high amount of revenue that this niche provides

Monetizing methods : Adsense, Affiliate, Paid posts etc.


How to Select a Blogging Niche ?

You should always maintain a balance between “Blogging for money” and “Blogging for passion”. It is not always that the niche you are passionate about will provide regular revenue to you.

And if you are not at all interested in a particular niche, taking topics and content and writing in your own words will not long last.

Therefore is is advised to maintain this balance until you are a professional blogger.

An Ideal Blog should have following attributes :

Medium Competition :

The niche should not be saturated. Blogging and Technology niche have become saturated. It would be better if the blog has medium competition.

Good CPC (If you will be earning through adsense)

You could search average CPC for your niche via Google. If your blog is targeting users in countries like USA, you will be getting high CPC whereas if you go targeting users in countries like India, it would be difficult to get High CPC. It depends upon the keyword.

perfect blog

Good amount of Search Volume :

Of course what’s the purpose of starting a blog if it is not having any demand. Therefore choose Niche for which search volume (Number of people searching for Niche keywords in Google) is high.

Final Words :

If you are a beginner, I would ask you to kindly stay out of Event Blogging and Multi Niche Blogging.

Do a Complete research on what niche you are going to blog. Once you select your niche, all you have to do is focus completely on that blog. Do not go for more than one blogs if you don’t even have a single blog which is giving you revenue.

It is not necessary to go with Blog Niche Ideas we have mentioned above, If you are really passionate about another niche that is fulfilling all the criteria we have mentioned above, Go for it !

Now your Turn !

If you have any doubts or views, comment them below.

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