Event Blogging Tutorial : Secrets and Methods to Rank Revealed

Event Blogging is an easy way by which you can earn Good amount of Bucks within a few time ! All it needs is perfect execution with planning. It brings the creativity out of bloggers. Therefore it is very common for Bloggers to make an Event blog based on a festival, sale or anything that has high volume of search for a time interval. If Competition is low, you can rank your blog very easily without much work.

Event Blogging is really interesting. Once should try it at least once ! Once you get into Event Blogging, it is hard to get out. People make thousands of dollars in Event Blogging at Black Friday.

This is because it is little easier than Long Term Blogging as you don’t have to focus on authority at all. All you have to do is Create quality backlinks and Content for a short time.

We are here with Complete Event Blogging Tutorial covering most of the topics that you need to know before starting an Event blog.

So Let us start

Event Blogging Tutorial

What do you need for Event Blogging ?


Caution : If you are new to Blogging, I would suggest you not to go for Event Blogging. This is because if unfortunately your blog fails to rank, you may be disheartened. This may create a distance between you and blogging.


Basics of SEO

You should be pretty good in both off page and on page Search Engine Optimization.

In Event Blogging, 70% of task is Off Page SEO.

You should be making and creating backlinks for your blog.

Experience in Ranking Blogs

If you have never ranked your blog posts on 1st page of Google, it will be a little hard for you.

We will be revealing working tricks and tips for that.

Some Tools

If you have tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush, your tasks for Event Blog would be much more easier.

You can do a Group buy (Available in various FB groups) if you don’t have one as Free Alternatives are little hard to work on.

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How to Choose Event ?

If this is your first time, you may select an Event of less Competition.

Below are the Popular Events that are covered every year by so many blogs.


Independence Day images, wishes or Greetings

Fathers Day Wishes, Images

Mothers Day Wishes, Images

Christmas Images, Wishes etc.

Holi Wishes, Images etc.

Diwali Images, Wishes etc.


Indian Premiere League Live score and scorecard

Wrestle mania


Football World Cup etc.


Launches (Hot)

Freedom 251, Galaxy S6 launch, Big Billion Day Sale, Black Friday etc.

This is a hot topic for your Event blog. The person who hears the news first will grab the best Exact match domain and there may be a lot of potential for the launch in the future.

What should be the Domain name for Event Blog ?

People say that EMD ( Exact match Domain) does not work nowadays. It is still controversial.

It works according to me.

Therefore your domain name should match with your keyword.

Suppose if you are going for Happy Holi Images, and you see that both “HoliImages.com” and “HappyHoliImages.com” are available, You should go with HappyHoliImages.com as it contains the keyword you want to rank for.

If you are not targeting internationally, go for a targeted domain. That is if you are targeting people only in India, a .in domain will be preferred.

How to Search Keywords for Event Blog?

Instead of using Premium tools, Use Google Keyword planner as it can show search volume in past also.

Visit Google Keyword Planner and Enter any keyword.

Suppose I wrote “Happy Holi Images”Keyword Research for Event

Now Input the Date Range as the month on which the Event happened last time.

Event Blog keyword Research

Here are so many keywords that you can target ! I know you know that :

  • Search Volume Should be High
  • Good suggested bid will be better

Competition you have to check manually. Do not depend upon Keyword planner for checking competition.


Event Blogging Tutorial

Event Blogging guide

Setting up Blog

I am assuming you are already aware how to setup a blog using WordPress or Blogger.

Buy a domain via Godaddy and link it with a hosting. You may buy an inexpensive hosting for now and switch to Premium hosting few days before your event.

Now the question is : What to choose for your Event Blog ? WordPress or Blogger ?

I always go with wordpress as there are a lot of plugins and customization available in wordpress.

There is no problem in going with Blogger platform if you are well experienced with features of Blogger.

Where is Advantage ? Blogger or WordPress ?

Both have their Pros and cons.

If you choose Blogger platform, you can link your domain with blogger.com and get Free hosting. This means you don’t have to invest a single buck while handling so much traffic on your event blog. Pagespeed is also good with blogger.

There are a lot of plugins and themes available in WordPress. Since I am comfortable with WordPress, I prefer it over blogger platform.

Customization with Theme

Now comes the important part.

An Event Blog is a blog Full of Keywords. Keyword Stuffing is necessary for an event blog.

Therefore, The main keyword of your Event Blog should be in the Title.

Other keywords you are targeting should be in Footer and Sub header of your blog.

I recommend removing Category base URLs from your blog. Category Base URL means  http://www.yourblog.com/category/happynewyearsms. You can remove the word category and make the URL http://www.yourblog/happynewyearsms instead.

This is because it creates a possibility of targeting your keyword better and even more keywords. You may put all the categories in in the sidebar.

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How to Remove Category Base URL ?

Go to Yoast SEO >> Advanced

Click on the tab permalinks at the top.

Check Strip the category base (usually /category/) from the category URL.

that’s it !

Writing Content for Event Blog

How many posts to write for your Event Blog ?

I recommend writing 20 Articles of good length around 500 words that is full of images. Do not hesitate in adding images in your Event blog.

The number of posts is also proportional to the Competition you are facing.

Make sure you are Regular in creating Content. You should post at least 1-2 articles every week.

If this is your first time in Event Blogging, start 40 days before the event.

Creating Backlinks

Here comes the most important part.

This will play a major factor whether your blog will rank or not.

Do not go for Backlinks in huge quantity compromising the link quality.

You may create simple Comment backlinks. You can make Web 2.0 backlinks.

Your Event Blog may be banned from Google if you make high number of backlinks in a short time. Therefore it is advised to start making backlinks earlier so that you can experiment and work according to your position in Google.

You should start making backlinks 2-3 weeks after you start publishing Content.

Other Tasks

Social Sharing can be beneficial for your Blog. You can get high amount of traffic from Social Media also. But it is not necessary.

How to Monetize Event Blog ?

There are two main ways by which you can monetize your Event Blog.

One is Adsense that is mainly used. It will be the main source of income for you.

The other is Affiliate marketing. You may showcase some products in your Event Blog and earn bucks.

What if my Blog doesn’t rank ?

If you do all the tasks perfectly, Your blog would probably rank.

However, chances are that some news website may acquire your position in Google.

What should you do at this time ?

If this happens 3-4 days before your event, there is an option !

Ask your friends to give Sitewide backlinks to your blog. This may or may not work.

Final Words :

This was a Complete Event Blogging Tutorial. If you have a doubt in your mind, feel free to share !

Now it’s your turn

Share this with your Blogger Friends. Ask them to try out Event Blogging with you. Your work will be divided and it will be easier for both of you. The experience of both will result in a successful Event blog.

People Search for event blogging tutorial, event blogging secrets and how to rank event blog on Google. Therefore we thought to make a Complete Guide for Event Blogging that they can refer to when doing this for the first time.

Event Blogging is Fun and One should try it ! However long term blog is always preferred as it gives you a stable traffic and income.

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