SEO Optimization Techniques: Basic Tips to Rank Higher in Google

Proper SEO optimization techniques is what every newbie wants to know about  and is spending lots of its time on searching for it, so in this post, I am going to write top 10 SEO Optimization Tips and Techniques to make it clear for you.

Getting organic traffic from search engines is what almost every newbie blogger dreams about, which is not an easy task.

Ever wanted a guide to help you get your post on 1st rank on Google?

To be honest, SEO is not hard at all. You just need to learn the techniques, and then you need to apply few strategies and tips to every post on your blog to increase Its chances of getting organic visitors in no time.

But wait, I have also seen many newbies who think that writing a user-friendly blog post is all.

They are of the view that blogger needs to write for people, not for search engines. That’s good too, but you should also try to make it search engine optimized and user-friendly.

If you want to convert your blog visitors into profits, you need to get organic traffic to your blog from search engine directly. Optimizing your blog post for better SERP ranking is too good and won’t annoy the readers at all.

I have implemented the steps on many of my blog posts and got some amazing results. So checkout SEO Optimization Techniques to make your blog better in the eyes of Google 🙂SEO Optimization Techniques

 Top 10 SEO Optimization Techniques you must know

1. Targeting a long tail keyword:

To make your post more user and search engine friendly, you need to target a long tail keyword for your content.The competition in long tail keywords is quite low, and It will be quite easy for you to get rank for that keyword quickly.Do a quick research for your keyword and remember to check that the keyword must have good average monthly searches on Google.long tail keyword to rank high

I recommend Longtailpro, Key search and Market Samurai for finding the long tail keywords with difficulty and everything.

2. Perfect Keyword Placement:

Perfect keyword placement within your post is a must to let search engine spiders know about your targeted keyword. You need to include the targeted keyword in following phrases:

• Title: The page title is the most important SEO factor. Including the main keyword in the title of the post is a must to make it SEO friendly and to get good ranking.

• Meta Description: The meta description appears below your listing as the text snippet below your listing, so It will also help you to get good ranking If It is included the main keyword.

• SEO-friendly URL: You should always include the main keyword in your URL, for example, It will also help you to ping search engines about the relevant keyword.
Below are some of the snap that is the exact example of what I mentioned above.

Seo optimization techniques and tips

3. Write quality and unique content:

The next step is to write quality and unique content for that keyword. Other than perfect keyword placement you also need to write long, unique, quality and search engine optimized content too.

Google and other search engines love the quality and unique content that describes the real value and is helpful for people.SEO techniques

According to Neil Patel, the AVG post that ranked well in Google is 2000 plus words.

4. Build Backlinks

Backlinks are very important and every effort should be made to get backlinks from reputable sites.
You need to know that quality not quantity of the backlinks matters most to get better ranking in search engines.
Below are some effective link building methods:seo backlinking

• Guest Blogging: Guest blogging is one of the most useful links building technique after the animal update from Google (Penguin and Panda). You must try to guest post on blogs with Good PA (Page Authority) and DA (domain authority) in your niche. You might want to read my post on how guest blogging on other sites can help new bloggers.

Read The definitive guide to guest blogging by Brain Dean.

• Dofollow commenting: Commenting on blogs in your niche gives Dofollow attributed links on their comment section is another effective way to improve your keyword’s SEO ranking.
List of Best Commentluv Enabled Blog

• Forums are participating: Participating in forums regularly is also a very good link building technique If you participate on high PR and high traffic forums.

5. Use the main keyword as anchor text:

Always targeted your main keyword as anchor text, when your guest posting on any blog. This helps tells the search engine spiders what the page is all about.

6. Social media promotion:

In today’s SEO Social media promotion helps you a lot in giving good ranking to your post.
Promoting your post on social media sites is another way to get your blog on the 1st pages of Google in less time. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Google+ are being used as part of search engine ranking for Google and sharing for seo

Be an active member and always try to build a relationship with other bloggers on social media sites.

7. Optimize your image:

Using an image for your blog posts is excellent, but be sure that the number of images must be kept a minimum.
If you are using an image on your blog post, it can generate thousands of traffic from Google image search. Here are some ways to optimize your image.

• ALT Text: Alt text is a text that Google search engines use to understand the picture. If the picture is relevant to the post niche topic, you can include your primary keyword as alt text.

• File name: Try to use your main keyword in the file name for your image before uploading it to your blog because It will also help for your search engine rankings.

• File size: If you have a large image try to compress it to make it smaller, it will speed up your blog loading time.
I recommend imagify and Ewww Image Optimizer for image compression.

8. Video Content:

It’s better to use video content in your post because the search engines look at the surrounding content to define the usefulness of the content, so that why we added this to our SEO optimization techniques list.

Be sure to submit your videos to other quality video websites like YouTube, Daily motion, etc., as it gives strong backlinks and traffic in return.

9. Use SEO by Yoast Plugin:

SEO by Yoast is one of the recommended WordPress plugins for SEO optimization by many expert bloggers.
If you are serious about long term blogging and want to make money from your blog, then you must use this revolutionary plugin.

The plugin will do everything automatically on your blog which an SEO expert can do like optimizing your blog post, images, and keywords. It is a recommended WordPress plugin.

10. Be Patient:

Being patient is must because SEO isn’t one-time process, it may take months or years to give you a good result, but If you use proper techniques and do it the right way, you will be able to see yourself beating other competitors in no time.

What’s next?

Hope you will be implementing all SEO Optimization Techniques mentioned above 😉

Do you want to add something to this SEO Optimization Techniques Guide or you have any question in mind?

Comment below and I will catch you as soon as possible!

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