Share What You’ve Been Learning

What have you been learning about lately?

That’s always a great topic to blog about!

For personal/home/mommy bloggers, you could share:

  • The great new recipe you found
  • Organization strategies that are working for you
  • Your favorite way to relax
  • A top 5 or top 10 list of ways to entertain your kids, get homework done on time, stay on top of what’s on your “to do” list, etc.
  • The advice your friend or neighbor gave you that worked out well

For business bloggers, you could share:

  • A review of a recent business book, ezine, magazine, or other info product you’ve read and learned from
  • The new tricks you’ve learned for promoting or managing your website
  • How you decide what to learn about next or who to learn from
  • Things you’ve started to study but stopped, and why you stopped
  • An endorsement of a coach/mentor/mastermind group that’s supported you well in your business growth

We love to hear what’s working for others!  Your readers will enjoy finding out what’s working for you.

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5 Responses to “Share What You’ve Been Learning”
  1. Thanks Michelle, I love reading your suggestions for blog posts. Time for me to write a post about the amazing coach I have in my life, I hadn’t thought about that though I do sometimes refer to her. What a great way to let the world know how great she is.

    I have always kept a journal that tracks my growth but now i have a blog I have somewhere to share with others as I learn and grow (and sometimes fall).

    Thank you for sparking my fire!

  2. Yeah, there’s always plenty of inspiration for blogging around us, but often we fail to take stock of it! I’ve recently gotten in the habit of writing down ideas and concepts for articles, and it really does help keeping track of everything. Had and idea? Write it down, or you *will* forget about it!
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  3. Ann Mullen says:

    This is a grilling recipe that I found. Good and easy. My kind of cooking.

    Delta Chicken Recipe – Fort Worth –
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