Proven ways to increase blog traffic with Google Plus

Before we discuss the ways to increase blog traffic with Google plus, we need to answer certain questions because if you are new to Google plus and have not used yet and want help to get started with this network then there might be certain questions like “what is Google Plus? Why I need it? How does it work? What is Google plus good for? What is it used for? And so many more. Therefore we will try to cover most of the things in this completely guided article which will help you better to get started and will give you most of the things you need to use it.

Proven Ways to Increase Traffic with Google+

What is Google Plus?

It is pronounced as Google+ or Google plus.

So what do you expect? How Google plus is like to be? You may have heard of Facebook and twitter and may have used of them.  When a question is asked from people “what is Google plus? Most of them answer, “It is like facebook or like twitter”, and although both of them are great social networks but Google plus is similar neither to Facebook nor Twitter and it is something different. It is platform that brings people together with in the context of many of Google services.


It is a new social network of Google and some of its features and tools such as Picasa (A photo storing and sharing system) came from existing services and platforms. It is a social networking site that let you to discover and share digital contents like posts, video chats, etc with friends, family and other people.

Before launching it, there were some free existed services offered from Google namely Google Friend Connect that was launched in 2008 and retired in 2012. Another one the Google Buzz which was introduced in 2010 and did not live for long time and was stopped in 2011. Following the Google Buzz, finally Google announced the “Google plus” in June 2011 with many abilities like photos posting, video chat calling, multi person instant messaging, location tagging etc. According to Google the basic idea behind launching Google plus was to do them better.

Initially it was opened to a small number of users and Google then gave them invitation to invite their contacts also and then gradually moved towards one of the most active social network with hundreds of millions people with their active accounts. The number of its active users grew significantly and reached to 10 millions in earlier weeks after launching. By the end of 2011, it had 40 million users and now it holds hundreds of millions of active users per month.

How to create a Google plus account?

Having Google plus account is very essential nowadays. If you have not joined Google Plus before, no problem. You can join and it is so simple if you have an active Google account. Open any browser and just type “”and press enter.

A Google login page will open and just put your Email address and correct password in the specific box and click on Sign in button to log in. See the following visual.

After pressing the Sign in button you will Log in in Google. To create Google plus account, click on Apps button and then click on Google plus icon. See the below visuals.

Now in the next page you can find people that you may know on Google plus and add them to your circles.

When you add people in your circles they will be notified. People you add to your circles can use handouts with you. Circle is a Google plus feature that allows you to add various people based on relation with them. Google plus provide you some circles like circle for friend, Family, Acquaintances, Following and you can also create your own circle related to that thing which you want to follow like sports , news etc.

You can import contacts from Yahoo as well as from Hotmail. Click on continue button to proceed. Now in the next page Google plus will ask you to follow things you love. Google plus is a social network so you need to be a little social. You can follow celebrities, politicians, sportsmen, news, magazines, technology, games etc etc and you can see what they post and share publicly. Anything you want to follow, just click on “Follow button”, you will start following of that and you can see whatever they share publicly.

Click on Continue button to proceed. In this page you can update your profile picture and other information like where do you work? Where do you live etc etc. providing all the information, click on “Finish button” to finish the Google account making process.

Now your profile will save and the page you see will change completely (compare this picture with following one) and will say “Welcome to Google plus”. Now you can stay touch with people and you can enjoy video calls with up to 10 people at once and can enhance and backup your photos automatically.  Hit the “×” icon and click on Google +.

Now your Google plus account is completed successfully and it is your newsfeed. You can share your ideas, knowledge and whatever you want with the rest of the world through Google plus. You can see the updates of those to whom you follow. You can see whatever they share and post publicly so keep in touch with Google plus and take benefits from it because it is a premium social network and most professional people have the use of it.

How to create a Google account?

But, if you don’t have a Google account, No Worry! You can create one and it is so simple. Just type Google account in the address bar of your browser and click on “create a Google account”.

Another page will open with a form which will ask you to fill that form. You need to fill the form with relevant information.

Put your first and last name (or company, organization, department, business or any other name for which you create a Google account) in their specific boxes.

Choose your username mean what should be your email address. You can use letters, numbers, and periods while choosing your username. After choosing your username, put it in its box and click outside the box to make it sure that no one else has already that username. If someone already has that username, try another one or you can also choose suggested and available username that Google gives you. Your username will be your email address. After choosing username, create a strong password. Your password must be at least 8 or more than 8 characters. You can use alpha numeric characters, numbers and letters while creating a password.  Repeat the same password in the box below to confirm your password.

Select then, the birth date because Google account is only available for people who are 18 0r over 18 years of age. People less than 18 cannot make their Google account. Choose the gender that you are, male or female but if you create a Google account for any company, organization, etc then, select the “other”.

You need to provide a phone number because it helps you with things like recovering and keeping your account secure. It can help you and Google send you a text message to access your account if you ever forget your password so it is better to provide a phone number rather than creating an account without a phone number. You may not have any current email account so you can precede leaving current email account box empty but if you have then should be provided because it helps you keep your account secure.

Fill the below box with CAPTCHA Code provided to you. You may skip this verification when you provide a phone number.

Select a country you are from. Below location check the box to tell the Google that you are agree to its terms of services and privacy policy.

Now once you done check all the information you have provided so far and remember your username and password. Click on Next step button to do some more steps to customize your account. A page will paper that will ask you to add photo, just click on Add photo and choose a photo that you that you want as a profile picture and then click Next step.

Now you done and created account successfully. Hit the Get started button to log in to your account.

Now you logged in to your account and you can update your account at any time.

So once you create a Google account, means you have created an account for all the other Google products. Now you can create a Google plus account, Google drive account, Google Maps accounts and for all other Google products.

Features and Benefits of Google plus

Google plus can be found at To join Google plus you need to have a Google account as we discussed earlier (how to make a Google account and how to join Google plus) in this article.
Its main page consists of a “stream” of updates, posts, shared contents and conversations, is similar to Facebook newsfeed or Twitter stream in many respects.

Using Google plus circles, you can categorize and organize people when you want to add them. You can share links and can send messages to those whose are in your designated circles or with everyone which gives you more flexibility than twitter and as we make groups on Facebook to share things with, the same concept is also to Google plus where we add contacts and share things within our designated circles. In Google plus, the circles are private, so no one can see what names are given to your circles and which circles someone has been put in.

The notification section will notify you when someone adds you to one of his/her circle (although will not let you know which circle). It will also let you know who comments the content that you post or share. You can comment the content that is shared by other users which you follow and can “+1” that content. The “+1” key is same as liking on Facebook which let the people like your Google plus page or content you post and share. Getting +1 in large number help you let the Google know how popular your business or brand is and also it is one an important SEO ranking signal. So you can comment and  +1 the content that is shared by the other users you follow and you can also share the content of other users, as we retweet on Twitter, if the poster who has posted that content allows you.

You can use Hangout for video chat. Google plus Handout allows you to do video chat up to 10 people at the same time. Handout helps you to make an online group event where many people or entire group can participate in that event.
You can upload as well as organize your photos using Google photo system called Picasa. Google plus is also a platform for Android where it provides apps for your Smartphone, and app is the Google plus best part.
One of the best tool in Google plus is the ability to format posts as compare to other social networks where they don’t have this ability. The ability of formatting posts gives you the chance to draw attention to important sections of your post that you want to highlight to your followers. By this way you can convey your message to your followers where they don’t miss what you think is important.

There are too many benefits of Google plus and it is now crossing the boundaries of many other social platform in different respects. For instance, that contents that you post are more visible and less prone to being lost as compare to Twitter or with any other social platform. The Google plus audience are more interested and careful for your post as to compare with Facebook, where their focus is their family and friends. Google plus audience pay more to attention to your post related to their interest.

So now we hope that there will not be any hassle while creating a Google account or creating Google plus account. Now we would love to let you know that how can you increase your blog traffic using Google plus. The following are some proven ways to increase blog traffic with Google plus.

Proven ways to increase blog traffic with Google plus

We hope that now you would have a little bit idea about Google plus and can say hopefully there will not be any hassle while making a Google account or making/joining Google plus after reading the above explanation. The above description was just to let you know how to create a Google account and join Google plus.

Making a blog is not too much difficult and it is quite easy and so simple but here, a challenge for you is to attract traffic towards your blog in a competitive era where we are now. Since you are beginner, so your target should be to attract traffic towards your blog. Once you start getting reputation and traffic, then you can compete with competitors.

Google plus is a premium social network which plays an important role in the success of your blog. It is very important to share your online contents on Google plus to get reputation and make an identity in the online world.

Now we would love to let you know that how to increase your blog traffic through Google plus. There are certain proven ways to increase blog traffic with Google plus. Some of them are briefly explained below.

Introduce and create a profile on Google plus

introduce yourself

Create a profile on Google plus and introduce yourself. If you are blogging about specific area, you need to create a Google plus profile under that particular area. For example, if you are blogging about business you need to provide biographical info as well as picture of your company or business. You need to let them know, who you are, your business name, area of interest? In short, you need to clarify what, where, when and why in a way to let them know who you really are. It should be noted that your profile is an advertisement of yourself, your company or your business. So by doing this, you will be able to tell people who you are about and what are you really doing.

 Make a Google plus Business Page

Set up your Google plus business page. This is similar as we create page in Facebook. Add your location, your business categories, products, services etc to your Google plus business page.

google business page

Add a large and attractive cover photo to your page. You need to include your blog URL in your introduction section and let your audience know why they should visit you’re your site. By doing so, a decent amount of traffic can be generated.

Choose targeted audience to share your content with

Every individual comes up with his/her own specific goal in his/her life and everyone take interest to reach his/her goal by specific means. For reaching their goals, they find the way where they meet up with their specific goals. For example, if someone is interested to take a cup of coffee and you are trying to feed him a pizza, would it mean any? No! Because the thing you offer is not his interest and want. To fulfill his need you need to provide what he audience

The same case is here, suppose you write contents about technology and hit the audience who are not interested in technology, would not mean any to you because there is contradiction between your and their niche so you can’t get your own goal means can’t increase your blog traffic by targeting the wrong audience. So when you publish updates to Google plus, you need to choose which circle, community those updates should be shared with right audience to get right message.

Create circle and put your targeted audience in that particular circle

To categorize your Google plus contacts you need to create circles and then put people in their appropriate circles.Since Google plus provides some predefined circles where you put your Google plus contacts relating to those particular circles, like friend where you just put friends or like family where you put just family members where you share your personal info, feelings etc.

Meanwhile, if you have an online business so you can’t promote your products through such circles so you need to come up with your own one trough which you can promote your products. Therefore you need to create various circles based on your choice, then put specific contacts in that particular circle to share your content with its specific audience. The content should target those audience who are interested in that particular content which you share with them.

By doing so, they will pay attention as well as share your post with other too having the same niche and maximum audience would love to read your post. So this great feature of Google plus let you know people don’t receive the posts you don’t want them see.communities in google+

Join and engage in communities

The concept of communities in Google plus is as same to the groups in facebook. As we create and join groups in Facebook to take part in dialogues and share knowledge to the members of that particular group. To increase your blog traffic you need to join the communities related to your niche and share the ideas with that particular community where your posts will get share, +1 and comments. Take part in dialogues in your joined community and comment on their updates and +1 as well as share their posts. By doing so, you will get a lot of blogger related to your niche and your blog will quickly get shared, comments and +1s.

Like creating your own circles, you can also create community your own community too. Once you make a community, and then add members who are interested in your niche but it will take a little time to know who are interested in your niche and love to read your contents.

We hope you have found now Google plus so useful if you haven’t given a chance to Google plus yet, make a try at least at once as a part of your social media strategy. Actually, Google plus is definitely getting some momentum and you will have been very pleased with it overall if once you join it.

Use pictures and videos

You would have probably noticed that more people usually click on picture more than text. Use attractive pictures on your brand business pages and in your contents. You need to provide the pictures as well as videos of your products as a proof to your audience because from just reading they would not prefer you and your business. When they see what the product is all about, chances are there to get more people involved in your site through which your blog can generate nice amount of traffic which make Google plus more important than other social networks for your business.publish interesting content on google+

Publish Interesting Content

To get more Google plus users involved in your contents and in your blog, you need to make your Google plus stream of updates interesting and meaningful to your audience. Don’t just publish links over and over. Share something interesting and funny with your audience where they would love and appreciate after seeing. Once you get them interested in you, then you can make them to comment, +1 and share your post because they are interested in you and hope from you that you will keep them so.

Host Hangouts

Hangouts are one among the best features of Google plus where you can do video chats up to 10 people at a time. By hosting handout, one can get more networking and can build strong position within Google plus. Handout is like a webinar, video conference or tutorial session. You can use handout for business communication too, like interviews, organization internal meetings, monthly gathering or live webinar etc. To let more people watch your hangout, you can share your handout on YouTube too. By this way, you can promote your site and can get more followers.

Host Huddles

As we hold a tweet chat on Twitter, same is the case in Google plus where you can hold a Google plus huddle. Google plus huddles are group chat that you build for communication with other Google plus users.  So by hosting Google plus Huddle, you can increase your blog traffic.

Suppose, you can promote your Google plus huddle on your blog as a question and answer session between a group. By doing so the group members will attention you and your blog.

Be Active

The more you are active, the more traffic will be gained. Update your Google plus stream with the new content on daily basis. To promote your content, you need to spend a little time commenting on others member’s updates as well. Give their updates +1 and share them as well. By doing so more people will know about you and about your blog and will click on your posts to read them and as well as give your post “+1” and will comment too.

Create Sparks

First of all you need to know about sparks if you haven’t heard of it before. Since it is a new feature added to Google plus so many users might not have heard about it. This is another sophisticated feature that Google plus provides to its users and you might not have seen it on facebook or Twitter. In Google plus, sparks is used to sort out your stories and articles together by topics in one  specific area for you to communicate with your Google plus circles and communities that are interested in your desired topics so you can get all the info about your interest. If you want to add anything to your interest, just click on any category that you want so once you add your interest, you will be able to see the links of them under your profile picture. You will be updated continuously that what is going on in the world you take interest in. you can get aware about your interest by just clicking the link related to your interest.

You can promote your site through creating sparks in Google plus so create sparks to get info about the topics related to your blog topics and be a part of relevant conversations. To promote your site you need to share the contents and updates published by other people which related to your blog topic to facilitate your audience where they will get more interest in you. To increase your blog traffic, you need to connect with new people and blogs in Google plus as well as outside the Google plus so it is also one among the proven ways to increase your blog traffic with Google plus.


No doubt, social media sites play an important role to increase your blog traffic with. Google plus is a premium social network which has a great role in increasing your blog traffic and as well as promoting your blog but not only Google plus, all the social media networks are the great source to increase your blog traffic. Except Google plus, you can get nice amount of traffic from Facebook, Twitter,  Pinterest and other social media sites if you use them smartly.

We hope you have found now Google plus so useful if you haven’t given a chance to Google plus yet, make a try at least at once as a part of your social media strategy. Google plus is definitely getting some momentum and you will have been very pleased with it overall if once you join it. Let us know if you have anything to share with us and we will be glad to know so share your experience with us and keep in touch with us for more updates.

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