4 Best Content Management System (CMS) for Blogging

The first thing that you have to decide while starting a blog is which Content Management System that is CMS you are going to use. There are many options available in the market with their pros and cons. Choosing a Content Management system is very crucial step as if you choose wrong CMS for you blog, it is difficult shifting the whole content to another Content Management system.

You must have heard about WordPress, Blogger, Joomla etc. They are all Content Management systems. They handle your Content and deliver it to your users.

I would have added other Content management Systems like Wix etc. But I don’t think they deserve a place in front of the CMS listed below.Best Content Management System

So Let us Start


Aha !

wordpress cms

This is the most famous, and most used Content management system. DailyBloggingIdeas is built on WordPress.

Actually it is so much popular because it has a big directory of plugins and themes.

Whatever you wish for your blog will be available or can be made available easily.

You don’t need to have much technical skills to handle a WordPress blog.

add new post wordpress

This is the place where you can make new posts.

The interface is quite good.


  • Big Directory of Plugins and Themes
  • No Technical knowledge needed
  • Easy Customization


  • No Cons !

It is not Free like Blogger CMS. But it is worth it !


blogger cms

Once I tried using Blogger CMS when I was covering an Event.

There is a big advantage that it is too much easy to use !

Beginners can use it without much problems.

This is the reason it is used by a lot of people. I recommend it to people who want a simple blog without much customization.

It is owned by Google.

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joomla cms

It is also a famous and popular Content Management System. We can not say that it is the best Content management system as it has its pros and cons. All depends upon your demands.

It is user friendly, extendable, multilingual, accessible and responsive.

Therefore it is getting popular day by day.

As of now, it is not that popular as Blogger and WordPress are.

There is also a great market of themes and plugins available in Joomla.

This Content Management system is preferred by Business Agencies too.


movabletype cms

This is a Content management system that is not so popular. This CMS is exclusively built for Blogging.

People call it the small brother of WordPress as its features and its working is quite similar to WordPress.

It has wide range of plugins and themes available.

MovableType is very user friendly.

Which is the Best Content Management System (CMS) for Blogging ?

Do you still have a doubt ?

Ofcourse it is WordPress !

WordPress is the Big Daddy of Blogging and will always be !

From Search Engine Optimization, Regular backups to Fast loading website, it has plugins for all of them !

There are thousands of themes available in the WordPress directory that are completely Free !

Give it a shot and I am sure you  won’t Regret it 🙂

Is there any Alternative to WordPress ?

As of now, I don’t think any other Content management system has that potential.

But if you can not afford Self Hosted CMS, then you can go with Blogger as you don’t have to invest anything in hosting and maintaining the blog.

The website will be simple 🙂

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