BuySellAds Alternatives| 5 Best Alternative to BuysellAds

Having trouble with approving in the BuySellAds network? or do you just need more of such networks, is it for your knowledge or do you want to grow your business. Here is the best and latest BuySellAds alternatives that you can find and are very effective in terms of the outcome that you will just love them. We will provide you with an honest review about each one of them and how you can use them.

what is BuySellAds?

BuySellAds is an online network for advertisements which was found in 2008 through which buyers can get ad space for their blogs from advertisers who pay relatively higher prices for their ads, after passing their terms and conditions. It is a very good platform for many bloggers of both intermediate and professional level to take benefits from and will gain you a higher CPC as compared to other networks, you also need to meet their requirements like completely 60,000 observes to your blog per month for being in their list and then you will be chosen from that specific list.

Always remember that they need consistent and honest people, trying wont just work again and again, you have to become better and meet all their requirements too. Also your niche should be more relevant.

But apart from BuySellAds we also have its alternatives if in some case you are not being approved or you just need something exactly the same you may want to try these great alternatives that we love.

1.  Publicity Clerks

Originally started in 2012 Publicity Clerks is one of the very growing networks for adspace, in such a short time it has gained many observers. This network works exactly like BuySellAds and is much more reliable and growing. The price you set is completely on your choice and you can withdraw your money through Paypal anytime. You need to have an account made and then start the whole process of applying but before here are a few of their terms

  • No adult content
  • 50,000 impressions per month
  • must be in English
  • Must be a clear relevant nicheimage171

image171buysellads alternatives

2. Project Wonderful

Yet another of the latest alternatives to the BuySellAds this site allows the advertisers to bid on your blog and on the spots available and then you can sell it to the one who offers you more so you are in full control. The bidder may bid on your spot and automatically his ads will start to show there until a new bidder with a higher price bids and you also get 25% commission on your wordpress or blog spot which you can then collect from you Paypal, the good news is that it starts from 10$.alternativeso f buyselladsalternativeso f buysellads

project wonderful review

3. Adsella:

Unlike other of these platforms the adsella will deduct 20% of their commission from your earning and you can buy adsenses for as many days as you like but you may also very easily get approved which makes adsella one of the very best platform for the beginners. We recommend you this one but while using this network you might want to look at the sold out portion for impressions about the earnings and remember to keep your cost low in the start since you need to look at the state of the website too, also be very relevant about the description of your site since it highly matters to the advertisers.


4. BlogAds:

This third party website handles all your customers, sales and payments. If you did not get into BuySellAds this network is also very good, don’t break your heart. The Payment threshold is $750 which is why it is a drawback incase you don’t have paypal and you can transfer your money, it also takes 30% of your income and gives you the rest. The whole dealing is between the advertiser and the network you don’t have to approve it which why we consider it to be one of the best BuySellAds alternatives.

5.OIO Publisher:

One of the best features of OIO publisher is that it is very reliable in terms of marketing you can even check on your impressions and analytics all it requires is a single plugin to be downloaded to your wordpress so you can use it. you must have to wait for 3 working days for your blog to be approved after you have done applying for this network. It is very easy to get selected and you may also be in great success if you have an idea about what you are doing.


Plan a und Plan B

Above all are the best and the latest BuySellAds Alternatives instead of simply because it’s one of the overgrowing top rated website for marketing of ads so far and its increasing customers are making the competition hard day by day therefore there are chances that you may be rejected, in that case these alternatives work the best for anyone since they are so updated and also reliable, however money through blogging can be made in many other ways this is just one so do not be disheartened, just because one way does not work for you does not mean another wont, always keep trying to be better.

Plan a und Plan B


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