How to Become a Pro Blogger

Inspired by the Life of Pro Blogger ? If Blogging is your passion, and you are considering Blogging as your Future, then this Guide for How to Become a Pro Blogger is for you.

There is an undefined path that you have to follow. All that you know is your Destination.

You have to choose your path. Either you will become a famous personality or a person regretting whole life that why he couldn’t do that.

Sounds Interesting ? Let us Start

We are sharing this guide keeping in mind that you already know the Basics of Blogging.

How to Become a Pro Blogger

How to Become a Pro Blogger ?

Start Planning

planning to become pro blogger

You should have a clear perception about What you are going to do this month or next 6 months.

Never hesitate to invest time in Learning.

Be very clear what you are going to do !

You should have a complete plan for your blog. For example, you should know you will be monetizing your Blog via CPA, PPC or anything else.

Start Investing Time in Learning And Experimenting

Pro Bloggers are not Aliens.become pro blogger

They are just the people who have more experience in doing the right things. They know tricks and hacks which they learnt after years of experimenting.

For example, Event Blogging teaches you how to rank a completely new blog in such a less time and play with rankings. Even if you fail, you learn a lot.

Some of my Questions to you are :

  1. Are you writing 1000 words daily? Do you even write? If not, why ??
  2. Are all of your articles above 1000 words?
  3. How good are your articles for users point of view?
  4. Do you create your own blog post featured images?
  5. Ever got any natural contextual link?
  6. Do you show your quality articles to influencers? Do you run backlink outreach campaigns?
  7. Did you ever run Facebook ads for blog traffic?
  8. Did you set up an email opt-in form on your blogs?
  9. Do you send email campaigns to your subscribers? If yes, how frequently?
  10. How many “Quality” guest posts have you ever written?
  11. Have you ever created an infographic (or outsourced)?
  12. Did you ever run an outreach campaign for your own infographics or guides? If yes, how many times you did this?
  13. Did you ever try scholarship link building on your own? How many times?
  14. Ever done broken link building? or skyscraper technique?
  15. Did you read blog posts or have you stopped reading articles?
  16. Do you ever watch YouTube Tutorial videos, hangouts etc
  17. How many case studies you actually implemented?
  18. How many hangouts have you ever watched?
  19. How many more hangouts or sessions do you need?
  20. How many meetups or event did you attend?
  21. How big is your friend list?
  22. How many productive discussions (chats) do you do every day?
  23. How many friends on your list are trustful to you?
  24. Do you get respect on social media? In groups, comments, profiles etc
  25. Are you providing quality and helping the community?
  26. Do people notice your presence in the community?
  27. Do people even know you??
  28. Are you making enough money?

” The Answers to these Questions are Enough for Self Realization. These Questions are Answers to your Success “

Did the above Questions make you feel BAD or GOOD or MOTIVATED ?

If you feel Motivated, this was their purpose !

Be Money Minded

I am Sharing this tip keeping in mind that you are not a new Blogger.

Of course you need to have passion and interest in that topic, but if that topic is giving you dollars, you have to write that !

Work on a Blog until the stage of Automation is reached and that is the time you can start working on another blog.

This is how it works !

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Start Creating Brand 

If you seriously want to become a Pro blogger, you have to come in front of Everyone.

Your Facebook and Twitter account has a lot of Potential to attract large number of visitors to your website. The probability of these people becoming your regular visitors is very high.

After all, Who Doesn’t love fame ? 😉

Start Focusing on Quality

Start Focusing on Quality Images and Quality Content.

Take some extra time and focus on other things. There is a lot more to do than writing content !

Start giving time on making featured image of your blog or let it be made by others for you at least.

Start Investing

Don’t tell me you are the same person using cracked themes and plugins.

You have plans for becoming a pro blogger.

A Pro Blogger is always ready to invest in the right thing.

What’s the Formula for Success in Blogging ?

formula for success

I invented a formula and I want a Nobel prize for this !

All you need to win in Blogging is

“Hard work in the Right Direction”

You can see this quote in my about page also.

Blogging is something that is becoming very common nowadays. The person who stands for the longest time and invests the most time wins !

This is a simple trick for becoming a Pro Blogger.

Therefore start focusing on Authority now.

What is the Motivation for Blogging ?

kulwant nagi

He is Kulwant Nagi. The Idol of many people in Blogging.

This is just an example of what your life will be.

Blogging is so amazing that it takes a person reach new heights in so less time.

This is what can keep you waiting in your ups and downs.

Everyone is not made to expertise everything. You may fail in CPA marketing and this doesn’t mean that you can not do anything else. There are lots of opportunities in Blogging.

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What is the Difference between normal bloggers and Pro Bloggers ?

This needs to be clear.

Pro Bloggers know that they are going to succeed soon.

They know that the thing they are working on, are worth it !

By experience, they already know that they will be hitting their target at that time. If it does not, they still work on it until their target reaches successfully.

This is what normal bloggers can’t do.

First of all they hesitate to try new things.

Even if normal bloggers try something, they fear the first day itself that it is not their cup of tea.

Maybe this doesn’t happens with you and this means you are on the right track.


All the best  for your Blogging journey ! We hope we are successful in making you self realize ! 🙂

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