How to Increase CTR of Your Blog in Search Engine ?

There is a huge impact of your CTR or Click through Rate in Rankings. Clickthrough rate (CTR) is the ratio of users who click on a specific link to the number of total users. So, How to Increase CTR of Your Blog in Search Engine ? Read this article and we will make sure to let you know about all the methods that are you need to implement to increase CTR.

In July 2014, a Survey conducted by ComScore showed that Only in U.S more than 12 billion people do research.

Now the question that arises is:

What they are searching for?

And the answer is only useful information.

Now coming back toward the topic with another question. Whenever you get a chance of asking a question from SEO expert. What do they tell you? Long Tail keyword, Keyword density, internal and external backlinks, etc.?

These experts are right but unfortunately, they are forgetting or not telling you secrets and the importance of Click through rate in searching engine results.

The problem is they never pay attention to the SERP results, but believe me, the impact of click through rate (CTR) is very high and it can bring a huge change in search engine results.

Now the 2nd question is how to increase CTR to enjoy more organic traffic on your website.

I can understand that getting 1st rank in Google is one of the difficult tasks but you might also know that Google is changing its Algorithm on a regular basis. But if you manage in securing the position on 1st page of Google, that would be good but if you aren’t receiving decent traffic then that is your fault.

According to last year survey released by Search Metrics conclude the results higher in Google search is due to High Click through rate.

You might note that people mostly click on the results that appear in Google top searches but what if user start clicking on lower content links?

Rand Fishkin from Moz did a quick experiment in 2014 by writing a post on “IMEC Lab” that was ranked in Google on 7th number. After then he posted an update on twitter about to search IMEC Lab through Google and visit to the page. Here I would like to mention that he has more than 307k Followers.

And within 3 hours he got more than 165 clicks and ranked in Google 1st number.

But here I would like to share what Google has to say: according to a comment shared by Danny Sullivan, the Co-Founder of Search Engine Land, from the former chief of Google of Search Quality Udi Manber that CTR has a very low but direct impact on website Ranking.

tips to increase serp by click through rate

“The ranking itself is affected by the click data. If we discover that, for a particular query, hypothetically, 80 percent of people click on Result No.2 and only 10 percent click on Result No.1, after a while we figure out, well, probably Result 2 is the one people want. So we’ll switch it.”

Now here people start thinking, to start searching and then finding an own link, clicking on that, spending some time on the blog and then leave. But for those people Bartosz Goralewics who is a contributor in Search Engine land conducted an experiment:

What did he do?

He started sending bots to a page from unique ID through proxies with the same method like people do:

  1. Google opened.
  2. Keyword searched.
  3. Scroll down to the exact result. (By searching in Google 1st, 2nd and then 3rd page).
  4. After that stay for a minute or two and then click some other link to behave like a human.
  5. And the results were same and then the post fall down to low ranking.

The result which I concluded from this experiment is that Google always believe on quality clicks, second they have a very strong algorithm system for judging the click ratio and from where they are coming, for example: let suppose I published a post and then after few hours or few days people started searching in Google for the only post I’ve written. How is that possible that you start getting clicks without any indexing or sharing or website PR. Or maybe there is another way of deciding the rank and CTR, but still getting clicks from Google will increase your website reputation and SERP result as shown in experiment no.1. So let us come to the topic that is How to Increase CTR of Your Blog in Search Engine.

How to Increase CTR of Your Blog in SERP

How to Increase CTR of your Blog

1- Write a Catchy Title:

According to Online Gurus (experts) catchy title increases and forces people to click and stay on a post for a long time.

title to increase ctr

The reason is people on the internet haven’t much time for browsing and finding accurate content. They see they decide and they click on the headline they’re attracted to.

It doesn’t matter either you are on 1st or on 10th on the 1st page of Google. People only click on the link that has the attraction or strong appeal. It means your title has the power to attract readers towards your blog. So this is one of the main steps to increase CTR of a blog.

2- Do not Use Date and time in Permalinks:

Once again I will recommend you to do not use the date and Time in your permalink. Because it reduces the clicks on your link when people see the published date of the topic they are searching. My recommendation would be to use only focus keyword in your title instead of adding dates or long titles.

3- Meta Description and Its importance:

According to experts, the Meta description is not that much important nowadays but still it can bring more clicks towards your website. Let’s suppose you visit Google for a specific topic, you will see different results but will click on the one that relates to your search results and people also get attracted to what they see.

There are 2 methods according to Neil Patel to increase CTR:

Always believe in providing the right information to the visitors, in the case of providing false information you will lose your visitors/audience. And try to be specific with your information. That will build your strong relation with readers.

4- Try to convey your MSG within 60 words of Post Title:

When you publish any post on your blog. Google took 60 best words of it automatically or posted by you in Meta description. Try to write the Meta yourself as that shows the exact result as compared to Auto.

5- Use Quality Images in your post

ctr image quality

One of the best ways to increase CTR is the use of quality images in your post, according to experts, the response of image is 60,000 times faster than anything else.CTR and images

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Free Tools like Canva, PowToon and piktochart are made for the purpose to quickly change your though image with few clicks only.

I mostly use images and videos in my posts as they increase reader’s interest about the topic which you are covering. It also attracts more visitors.

Even search engine respond to images when they see more clicks on them from visitors. So this can play a major role to increase CTR of your blog.

6- The Use of Relevant Keywords:

The use of relevant keywords can boost your website CTR. The use of irrelevant keywords decreases your website CTR due to lack of interest with no conversation.

Some of the best tools that can help you in finding the relevant keywords are Long tail pro and Semrush.

Google Autocomplete option: which is one of the best ways to find the related keyword to your topic. Simple Go to and put your main keyword in the search. Within seconds, you will see that Google is suggesting you some other keywords with your main keyword.

increase ctr

7 – Update the timing of your Blog post:

Whenever I search for new content, I use to search the latest information that kept me updated time to time. Information written 1 or 2 years back do not get you any clicks.

If you check, the above words like 2013-14 give impression like outdated content. While people want the latest information, and so this thing can stop a person to click on another link instead of above one. Regular Content Update can increase CTR of your blog.

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The final words for this post is try to implement these steps on your blog. Try to focus and manage your old content instead of searching and writing new things. Because you can easily rank your old content.

What type of strategy are you using on your blog to increase CTR in Search Engine ?

You don’t really need to compose a large number of blog entries to build site movement. You can duplicate enhancing so as to exist movement just distributed posts. The critical thing here is that you ought to comprehend the catchphrase purpose. (What searchers think sometimes, when and in wake of entering the watchword into Google look box)

In the wake of enhancing page SEO execution of blog entries, you can expand site activity quick without agonizing over the third party referencing or some other perspective. The post title is a standout amongst the most critical parts of a page. By advancing the page title and different elements for web search tools, you can expand active visitor clicking percentage. This will ultimately increase CTR of your blog.

The impact of the tips in this post will depend on how much traffic you currently have and whether you’ve implemented these kinds of tactics already. For a brand new blog, most of what I’ve mentioned will be absolutely pointless. For a blog with a decent and steady amount of traffic, this can be a quick and easy way to unleash a good 20-50% more traffic in a short space of time.

If you have any more tips or know of any interesting case studies on increasing CTRs, please share them in the comment section below. Hope you have all clear about How to Increase CTR of Your Blog in Search Engine.

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